so i got the train with one of my twitter friends who i was meeting for the first time (!!!) at 6:40am and we rushed about and got the underground in london and met up with two of my other friends (one who’d i’d met at the multiply gig exactly a month ago to the day!) and we went to maida vale studios in london only to be told he wasn’t there that day and we were at the wrong place :/// so we ran and got on another train and made it to the other studios thinking we were going to miss him, but he didn’t actually arrive for another hour and a half, the loser

so when he got to me, being the most amazing friend i am, i asked him to draw the thing my friend wanted first because she couldn’t be there with us. so i said ‘please can you draw a star’ and he held the paper at the same time as i was holding the paper, and looked at me worriedly and said ‘you’re not getting this tattooed are you’ and i said ‘well im not but my friend might do’ and he sort of chuckled a little. so he started to draw the world’s lamest star before stopping and being like ‘can i start again’ because this was his attempt no. 1


so i said ‘do you know how to draw a star? like, the one that’s just a continuous line?’ and he was like ‘umm’ so i said, ‘shall i show you?’ and then ‘hold this please’ and gave him my phone, and took the pen off him, and drew this star to show him what to do 

and as i was drawing he was really concentrated and paying attention, then he tried again, but got all flustered and annoyed and kinda scribbled on the paper, and shook his hand and bounced on his feet and was like ‘urgh i can’t do it’ and everyone was laughing and it was adorable, so i asked him just to write my friend’s name instead, which he did

(look at his lame scribble what an adorable nerd i love him so much)

then we took selfies…

and he was kinda smiling/laughing as he moved on to my friend next to me. but he stood talking to me for the longest out of everyone, and was genuinely all baffled and flustered about drawing a star. my friend videoed me teaching him and he’s laughing at me, it’s amazing (someone was also taking pictures like this hoorah)

so i am the girl who taught ed sheeran to draw stars, and found out that he sucks at it :)



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(HQ Please credit if you use) 5 Seconds of Summer performs onstage during the 2014 Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 18, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada

@Ashton5SOS: Just played wembley stadium, it isn't hard to find a 5sos fan when they are holding the "angry banana" lol  // x


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